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Savvi by Bud Gowan Prom Rep Program

Thank you for your interest in being a prom rep for Savvi by Bud Gowan! By introducing our business to your friends, you’ll help yourself earn discounts or cash!

Here's how it works:

Refer this many friends Get this reward
4 Your prom rental is 50% off
8 Your prom rental is free!
12 Your prom rental is free, plus a free suit (up to $400 value)!
16 Free rental, plus a free suit + $40!
20 Free rental, plus a free suit + $80!
This website gives you tools to make your job easier. You can send emails, tweet your prom rep number, print flyers, and more! Why not sign up today?

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* To count as a referral, your friends must rent a tuxedo or suit totaling more than $99.99 and must have left a minimum $50 deposit. If you earn the cash reward, a check will be mailed to you after your event date.